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    2020 Twin Cities CityTins

    Picture of 2020 Twin Cities CityTins
    Enjoy the best local restaurants in St. Paul and Minneapolis with the 2019 Twin Cities CityTins!
    The Mini Apple and Saintly City are ripe with neighborhood eats for every palate and budget. Whether you're into hotdish and tater tots or steak and sashimi, navigating Midwest meets Metropolitan just got easier with the inaugural Twin Cities Restaurant Edition. Inside every clever little tin are 25 coaster gift cards featuring 25 local hot spots. Every coaster is worth $10 off your tab of $25 or more. That's $250 worth of martinis, apps, entrees and sides for just $30!

    Tin Lineup
    The 508 | Barbette | Black Forest Inn | Borough/Parlour Bar Mpls | Bryant Lake Bowl | Butcher & the Boar | The Commodore | Dixie's | Eli's East | Emmett's Public House | Finnish Bistro | The Lexington | The Loop | Mercado | Monello/Constantine | Nam Nam at Seven | Nolo's Kitchen/Basement Bar | Parlour St Paul | Pat's Tap | The Pourhouse | Red Stag Supper Club | Seven Steakhouse | Urban Growler | W.A. Frost | Waldmann Brewery
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