• Community Donation Request

  • Return Signature Form to:

    Delafield Area Chamber of Commerce

    Attn: Request for Donation

    P.O. Box 180171 Delafield WI 53018

    Please complete this Donation Request Form when requesting funds from the Delafield Area Chamber of Commerce.  This form is a request only and does not guarantee a donation. Written requests must be received by the Chamber Office at least (10) business days prior to the next Chamber monthly board meeting.   

    Requests for financial support must:

    1. Be used in support of events that sustain chamber member businesses.
    2. Not be used for general operating expenses of an organization.
    3. Publically acknowledge the Chamber as providing support for the event.
    4. Be presented to the Chamber Board at a monthly board meeting.

    Failure to complete the required documentation in its entirety may disqualify consideration of your request by the Delafield Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors.

  • Guidelines for preparing detailed documentation for request:

    Part I: Prepare Signature Form and Supporting Backup to form:

    1. A written document containing a detailed narrative of exactly what the funds will be used for must accompany the signed Request for Donation Form.
    2. All documents must be received by the Chamber Director at least 10 business days before the date of the Board Meeting in which you plan to present a request for donation. (A minimum of 1 month prior.)
    3. The presentation to the Chamber Board should take no longer than 10-minutes.
    4. Using the documentation submitted to the Chamber, present an overview of the event.
    5. Indicate how event will be of benefit to Chamber business members.
    6. Identify how the chamber will be acknowledged/promoted for its financial support.
    7. Once the presentation to the Board is complete, you will be excused from the meeting.
    8. The Director will communicate the Board’s decision on your request following the meeting.

    Part II. Donation Approval Procedures:

    If the Board approves a monetary donation, please follow the procedures noted below:  

    1. Applicant shall provide/send an invoice requesting the approved financial donation.
    2. Attached to the invoice, shall be copies of all supporting documentation (receipts).
    3. Mail the invoice(s) with supporting documentation to:

    Delafield Chamber of Commerce

    Attn: Donation Approval Process

    P.O. Box 180171

    Delafield, WI53018

    1. Should the Director have any questions about the invoice or supporting receipts you submit for reimbursement, you will be contacted for further assistance in this approval process.
    2. The Check will be mailed directly to the vendor or the applicant, depending on what is agreed between the requestor and Delafield Chamber.  This step will complete the process.

    *Please make sure your contact name, phone number and mailing address is correct on all forms, and invoices that you submit to the Delafield Chamber Office.

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