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    January 8, 2022

    Join us for our 4th Annual DelaFREEZE event in Delafield! The Delafield Chamber of Commerce and its business members come together to provide live ice carvings and fun activities throughout the Delafield Area. 

    Visitors are expected to come from many surrounding areas to stroll along Delafield and view the amazing work of the art put into Ice Carving. This event is family-friendly and free for all ages. Blocks of ice will be placed throughout the city. Each sculpture will be carved from a block of ice during our 10am to 3pm event. Our walking map will walk visitors through the area to see all of the carvings.

    Each sculpture will be carved from a 300-pound block of ice that has been frozen in a special process to ensure the blocks are crystal clear. The blocks are ten inches thick, twenty inches wide and stand forty inches tall on a wooden stand. The live sculpture carving grabs many visitor’s attention! Visitors will be able to see the carver’s tools and watch them work as they transform the massive blocks of ice into an array of masterpieces.

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  • Visit Ice Carvings in the Following Locations:

  • Schedule of Events:

    10:00-3:00 Follow the walking map to enjoy the Ice Sculptures

    3:00 Ice Carving Awards at Revere's

    Activities to Enjoy:

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