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    Friend of the Chamber Package

    This marketing opportunity includes basic sponsorship of four major Delafield Chamber of Commerce events and supports Chamber initiatives that all members can benefit from. By purchasing the Friend of the Chamber Event Package, your business will save $100 on sponsorships for events you might already have planned on sponsoring. You must book this marketing opportunity by April 1, 2023, to maximize your exposure through this package.

    • Delafield Spring Event TBD - $100
    • LNO Series - $75
    • Annual Awards Mixer- $50
    • Halloween in Delafield - $100
    • Breakfast with Reindeer - $100
    • Let's Get Social- $25
    • (1)10K Ticket- $50

    Total Cost Individually: $725 but as a Friend of the Chamber you save $225! PLUS, you earn an additional 10% off further Sponsorships! (See Breakout On Bottom)

    Why Become a Friend of the Chamber?

    By signing up to become a Friend of the Chamber, we add your business logo and link to our event pages now and you have time to leverage your exposure. Knowing in February that you will be a sponsor of events in May, April, October, and December will give you time to plan marketing strategies around those events. 

    Every Friend of the Chamber gets one designated Featured Week throughout 2023. Each Feature Week includes:

    • An Exclusive Shout Out in our BREAK report which goes out weekly to over 1,500 members
    • A social media posts or videos with a link back to your business page during your Featured Week.

    VIP Sponsorship Additional Discount

    If your business becomes a Friend of the Chamber and are considering upgrading your sponsorship for events or want to purchase a sponsorship for larger events such as Delafield Block Party, Wine Walk and Brew Fest, etc- we have a VIP Sponsorship Discount of 10% applied to upgraded sponsorship or new sponsorship. 

    Total Cost Individually:

    • Delafield Spring Event TBD - $150
    • LNO Series - $150
    • Annual Awards Mixer- $50
    • Halloween in Delafield - $150
    • Breakfast with Reindeer - $150
    • Let's Get Social- $25
    • (1)10K Ticket- $50

    We appreciate your consideration, for more information or to be invoiced, please email info@delafieldchamber.com or call us at 262-370-3861.



    MAXIMIZE Your Business Bundles

    Maximize your business' exposure by taking advantage of our marketing packages.

    Your business will gain maximum visibility with the Chamber's audience for two weeks PLUS additional add-ons are available.

    Want to promote an event? No problem! 

    Utilizing the Delafield Chamber platform, we will help spread the word with our Events Marketing Package.

    If you are interested in this opportunity, click here to submit a request.

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