• Marketing Opportunities

  • At the Delafield Chamber of Commerce, we strive to offer our members exceptional marketing opportunities to help them maximize their membership. We currently have two marketing packages for our members; Digital Marketing Package and Friend of the Chamber Marketing Package. Please see our marketing packages below.

  • Digital Marketing Package

    This marketing opportunity promotes your business through display ads on the Chamber's two major digital channels; the website and the weekly emailed BREAK report for four weeks. Purchasing this package entitles one ad to appear on the homepage of the Chamber's website and one ad to appear on the left rail on the BREAK report. 

    • 1200x566 px Homepage Banner Ad
    • 300x500p px BREAK Ad 


    Why Digital Marketing Package?

    Our weekly BREAK report is emailed to over 1,000 business owners and organizations in the greater Lake Country Area! Our website's homepage is viewed by hundreds to thousands of individuals and businesses with spikes in traffic during July (Block Party). What could you business do with that kind of traffic?

  • Friend of the Chamber Event Marketing

    This marketing opportunity includes basic sponsorship of five major Delafield events. By purchasing the Friend of the Chamber, your business will save $100 on sponsorships for events you might already have planned on sponsoring. 

    • Spring Art Walk - $100
    • Fall Art Walk - $100
    • Ladies Night - $150
    • Halloween in Delafield - $150
    • Breakfast with Reindeer - $100

         =$600     $500

    Why Become a Friend of the Chamber?

    By signing up to become a Friend of the Chamber now, we can add your business logo and link back to our event pages now and you have time to leverage your exposure. Knowing in February that you'll be a sponsor of events in May, September, October, November, and December will give you time to plan marketing strategies around those events. 

    VIP Sponsorship Discount

    If your business becomes a Friend of the Chamber and are interested in upgrading your sponsorship for certain events or want to purchase a sponsorship for the Block Party or Halloween in Delafield, we have a VIP Sponsorship Discount of 10% an upgrade sponsorship or new sponsorship. 


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