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    Gwenyn Hill Farm

    About Us

    Gwenyn Hill is a sustainable, integrated, organic farm. We care for our livestock, crops, orchards and market garden, as well as for our soil, woods, water and wildlife. The land of Gwenyn Hill was first cultivated in 1842 by the J.D. Williams Family, whose fourth generation continues to help operate the farm today. ''Gwenyn'' which means honeybee in Welsh, speaks to the Welsh heritage of our farm and recognizes our primary pollinators that bring new life to our gardens, fields and orchard each and every year. We offer, for sale, a 20-week seasonal vegetable subscription, a 5-week Spring Vegetable Share, grass-fed beef and veal, and pastured eggs.


    Dairy cattle grazing on the pasture.
    Beehives on the hillside. Gwenyn means honeybee in Welsh.
    The CSA flower garden is a big hit with our members.
    Sunflowers blooming in the field.
    We raise 8 different chicken breeds for our pastured eggs.
    Our grass-fed beef comes from a special breed called Red Devon.
    We are raising Border Leicester Ewes for their high-quality wool.
    We sell produce and eggs at the Brookfield Farmers Market.
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